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A Carer:-   Thank you for telling my story. I kept thinking, this is me, this is what happened.

A Mother:-  It opened the floodgates. For the first time I was able to cry. Thank you!

A Person with AIDS:-  I read the book.  Just finished and can't stop crying.  Thank you! I don't think I am afraid any more.


A wife’s journey through ….

But RT never managed to write that word. He was a journalist and this ultimate writer's block hurt him deeply. He told me that it would be my task to try to make sense of the ending of his life and to tell the world as best I could.

 And so I now set out to tell my husband's story. There is little comfort in it but I hope it may, in some way, help others who are suffering similar torments to know that they are not alone. Certainly there is much for health workers and care providers to learn - so many mistakes made amongst all the good intentions . . .          

Let’s get one thing clear from the start. RT was not ‘at risk’. He was not homosexual or bisexual. He never used drugs or prostitutes. He embraced the concept of ‘Safe Sex’ as soon as it was invented - but that was too late. . . .

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A.I.D.S…If only he could make himself write down those four letters then, he was sure, he could go on writing, could express some of the pain, anger and terror that had taken over his life.

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