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During a recent trip to Tintagel, to attend the annual dinner of my fellowship, I had the pleasure of being entertained by Jill Lamède the Tintagel Storyteller.

As an international lecturer in Celtic and Saxon studies, and Arthurian and Grail Lore, I am used to hearing stories and fables told in many ways but seldom with the skill that was used by Ms Lamède.

Her technique was truly enchanting and her ability to weave magic with her mixture of tales was an experience I am glad to have witnessed.

I cannot commend her highly enough for her talent and its use. I strongly endorse her use of the art and can only encourage any interested parties to support her in any way possible.

 Dr Roland Rotherham. BAhons, MA, PhD, EdD, MIHGS.


            I would like to thank you for your storytelling at Camelot Castle on the evenings of 30/31st December. I have never been so enchanted by stories and tales.

M.B. Stoke-on-Trent


            I am writing on behalf of the Tintagel Charter Day Committee to recommend Jill Lamède as a storyteller who we feel has an extraordinary gift.  She enthralled and enchanted children and adults alike with her storytelling during our first Charter Day Celebrations.  We can’t wait to sit again and listen enraptured as she spins her tales and leads us into her wonderful imaginative worlds

             She gave us her time and magic freely throughout the day last year and then whilst everyone was resting and enjoying a medieval supper in the evening, Jill performed a delightful finale for us all involving the famous Tintagel Dragon. The hush in the room was astounding as we all fell under her spell with this delightful story.

             We know that she has a special power to transform our lives with her stories and we hope that more people can have the opportunity to hear her performances.

Kelly Palmer, Hon Secretary, Tintagel Charter Day Celebrations


               This lady is fantastic, her stories ….. - absolutely amazing…..                            

Brian Sells, Canada



Jill Lamede:  Storyteller Supreme - …..

     The audiences enjoyed the story tremendously, and sat in rapt attention throughout. … We received excellent feedback from those who came along, and realized that there was a market for this kind of entertainment for adults.

Sue Lancaster, Senior Community Librarian, Plymouth

The Tintagel Storyteller