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You have written a beautiful book. It’s a very fine achievement. It was a privilege for me to be able to read it.


The book is a very powerful read. The coolness with which you record pain, neglect and natural disaster provokes something of catharsis - which I have never seen as over emotional.


The unadorned elegance of the writing and the almost spartan way people are indicated by their initials concentrates the attention on the facts and emotions. It is a compelling read providing the clearest insight, without any fuss, into the stresses and strains. A superb piece of writing!


I couldn’t put it down. What a tragic story, with so much pain.


It is a FINE book, well written, and a story which needs wider exposure.


I cannot begin to tell you how moved I was by your account of your husband’s death. I am seldom reduced to hopeless tears by the written­ word, but I can honestly say that it left me helpless. Thank you for sharing­ your experiences­ so honestly and so openly. To share in some small part in the depth of your suffering, in your tangible sense of loneliness, was a deeply humbling experience and one that will continue to live with me.


What can I say? I started reading and couldn't stop... being dyslexic it is difficult for me to read extensive "writings..." but this one... I couldn't stop... My heart is in my throat, as if choking me for want of better treatment for those in need.  You have brought your husband into my life.  I feel as if I have met him... and I will never forget him.  Thank you (both) for letting me in.


One of the saddest stories I’ve read. I wish I’d had the opportunity to read this inspiring book when my husband was alive.


I think ALL women should read this book.


‘it’ is  book full of love, courage, humility, constancy and, sometimes, despair.

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'it'... A wife's journey through... AIDS

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