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Music & Sweete Poetrie

Reader:- Jill Lamède

Lutenist:- Brian Wright
(recorded performance)


"The music of John Dowland married delightfully with the words of Shakespeare and Raleigh" -
Tafand Cleddan, Community Arts Council

"...enjoyable... a joy to hear the literature and music of Shakespeare's age recreated so clearly and professionally... a sense of tangible contact with the literature and culture of another age" -                                      Queens College, Taunton

"The performance was of a high order.. interesting.. delightful.. .much enjoyed" -         Rodean, Brighton

"A well balanced and charming performance beautifully suited to the Elizabethan setting of Trerice" -
                                                                                                                                                     Administrator, The National Trust

"Enjoyable and relaxing" -                                                                                                        Coleford Library, Gloucester

"The performance was delicate and polished .. enthralling and different" -                     Lawnside, Gt. Malvern

"An unusual programme which was at the same time fascinating and entertaining" -   Newant Arts Society, Gloucester

"An instructive and relaxing interlude... much enjoyed" -                                                 Grenville College, Bideford

"An evening that was a delight to the mind and ear.. .most enjoyable" -                        Administrator, North Cornwall Arts

The programme, drawn from the 16th and 17th centuries, usually includes music by Dowland and Holborne with poetry by Shakespeare, Spencer, Donne and Marvell, amongst others.

For your special event Brian Wright may perform live (subject to availability)

Brian Wright is internationally renowned. A Fellow of Trinity College of Music (London), he has given recitals throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Taiwan, supported by the British Council.

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