Tales of the Tintagel Dragon

●             Why is the roof of Tintagel’s Old Post Office so curvy?
●             Why is there a hole in the waterfall at St Nectan’s Glen?
●             What caused the plane crash in Tintagel in 1979?
●             How did a small boy survive being swept out to sea in 1973?
●             How did a father and son survive a similar accident in 1998?

The answer to all these questions is: The Tintagel Dragon did it!

Green Dragon

If you like dragons…
you will love The Tintagel Dragon.
He is young and lonely.
He needs a friend.

Dragon Egg

And what has King Arthur got to do with this story? Read it and find out…

This book is illustrated by Kaylie Moseley who, at the time of publication, was fourteen years old. It was her first professional commission.